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Exploitation YIFY !FREE!

Frank Henenlotter's lengthy and loving documentary on the evolution of low-grade soft-core exploitation fare traces the origins of this endearingly seedy stuff to the 1920's and scrupulously addresses its many distinct permutations throughout several decades that stops at the early 1970's. Henenlotter leaves virtually no stone unturned: Among the debauched delights to be relished within are short loops, the 1930's Hays Code, the legendary group of exploitation filmmakers known as the Forty Thieves, roughies, nudie cuties, sex hygiene pictures, military VD instructional films, pin-up girls, fake sex experts, burlesque shows, nudist camp documentaries, Doris Wishman, body painting, Dan Sonney, the Olga features, Michael and Robert Findlay's notoriously nasty Flesh trilogy, lesbianism, Marsha Jordan, tripped-out dope flicks, the creation of the ratings system, gay cinema, storefront theaters, white coaters, and the advent of hardcore porn, which basically put the kibosh on sexploitation cinema. Moreover, the always amiable and animated David F. Friedman relates a wealth of fascinating information. Highly recommended viewing for fans of blithely trashy schlock cinema.

Exploitation YIFY

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The Gestapo's Last Orgy concerns an unlikely romance between a Nazi death camp commandant and a Jewish female prisoner, Lise Cohen. Shortly after the war they rendezvous at the dilapidated remains of the concentration camp they met. From here, the story is told in flashback. We discover that the camp was used to incarcerate Jewish women. These women were subsequently subjected to all manner of sexual degradation, torture and death. Lise refuses to be broken by her Nazi oppressors and, subsequently, becomes the object of the camp commandant's obsession. This leads to her being treated in increasingly degrading ways. But the commandant's obsession also offers her hope of salvation.As an example of the Naziploitation sub-genre, The Gestapo's Last Orgy is a more hard-edged entry than the very silly SS Experiment Camp. Unlike the latter film, there is more of an attempt at authenticity. The victims are clearly referred to as Jews and the treatment meted out to the women is often very disturbing. That is not to say that the film is a convincing depiction of events in a Nazi death camp - it is pretty ridiculous a lot of the time. However, there is a definite mean-spiritedness about this exploitation movie. The women seem to be constantly undressed. There is a great deal of sexual assault, humiliation and torture. The victims are hung naked from chains, fed to dobermans, drowned in quicklime - you name it. This, of course, all sounds extremely lurid and nasty. And it is. But the film isn't terribly well-made, so it isn't quite as shocking as it sounds. The crazy dubbing does not help matters either. Nevertheless, I would be very surprised if this film finds itself released uncut on DVD in the UK. With it's combination of sex and violence, this is one of the infamous 'video nasties' that would still pose some problems to UK censors. So, if that is enough of a recommendation for you then go for it.

BONNIE'S KIDS is a low budget grindhouse-style exploitation thriller of the 1970s, about a pair of siblings who are perved and preyed upon by their pervy stepfather. Eventually they snap to exact a violent revenge, before going on the run with some mob money. It's a road trip style movie with plenty of female nudity thrown into the mix, alongside a little bit of graphic violence. The film is acceptably entertaining for its time, although it's one of those movies that sorely lacks a sympathetic character for the viewer to get on the side of: everyone here is out for themselves, which limits the viewer's empathy somewhat.

Pretty teen temptress Myra (Robin Mattson) is talking dirty to her boyfriend on the phone when her drunken stepfather walks in and decides to show her what a real man is like. As Myra is being attacked, her big sister Ellie (Tiffany Bolling) appears brandishing a shotgun and gives him both barrels. So begins this gritty slice of sleazy '70s exploitation, which delivers sex, violence and morally dubious characters aplenty as the girls (whose mother was named Bonnie, hence the title) flee their home to start life anew with their uncle Ben, unaware that he is a ruthless crime boss.As drive-in/grindhouse cinema goes, Bonnie's Kids is tough to beat, ticking off many of the ingredients that avid fans of the genre live for: two gorgeous leads in Bolling and jailbait Mattson, both of whom deliver gratuitous nudity; a large bag of dirty cash to tempt the weak; a pusillanimous private eye led astray by a beautiful woman; a pair of hired goons who provide the film with acts of bloody violence; a smattering of lesbianism; and a wonderfully downbeat ending. It's pretty obvious that Quentin Tarantino is a fan, the film clearly serving as inspiration for Pulp Fiction (Does the name Bonnie sound familiar? Do Ben's interracial hitmen, hired to retrieve a valuable package, remind you of anyone? And what about that Butch/Marcellus-style chance encounter in a store that results in shocking violence?). If, like me and QT, your idea of entertainment is watching reprehensible lowlifes living on the edge, this should fit the bill nicely.

The picture is full of tumultuous sequences with frenetic action , surprises , fierce combats and groundbreaking struggles . Classic as well as impressive Chop-Socky in which wild fighting scenes provide an overwhelming view of Jet Li skills . It has lots of fights , as well staged as Jet Li's Hong Kong films . It is set in Paris where a betrayed intelligence officer (Jet Li) enlists the aid of a prostitute (Bridget Fonda) to prove his innocence from a deadly conspiracy while returning a favor to her . Li against time to clear his name and rescue a junkie whore and her daughter . When the secret mission goes wrong he is framed for murder by a nasty as well and amusing villain officer , Insp. Richard (Tchéky Karyo) ; as the Chinese agent will face off a bunch of heinous henchmen across threatening streets of Paris . Then Li has to go on the run pursued by corrupt cops , being his only ally the mistreated call-girl and an old Chinese shopkeeper (Bur Kwouk) .This moving Chop-Socky displays drama , action-packed , thrills , and wild fighting images . It is an action-filled and violent film , being utterly filmed in Paris . Li shows awesome skills , as he hits , punches and kicks most of Paris hoodlums into tiny pieces . The battle scenes are sliced up by means of flashy quick cuts that sometimes reduce Jet Li's extraordinary athleticism to a little more than the backdrop to a video clip . An exciting art martial movie in which , once again , an oriental Chinesse super cop is sent loan to tackle crime in the West . The style of action in this movie was heavily influenced by comments made during series of messages posted by fans on the Jet Li website forum , immediately after the release of Romeo must die (2000) in the United States , the fans wanted more realistic fighting as in Jet Li's movie Jet Li's Fist of Legend (1994) . The rousing fights include deadly use of fists , feet and palms ; being perfectly staged by expert Corey Yeun . Fights , attacks and exciting combats very well staged by great fighters , in fact , here are only seven wires used in the entire movie, the only scenes involving wire work were when Jet Li had to jump up to kick the pool ball and when Cyril Raffaelli performs his one-and-a-quarter backwards somersault-kick ; the result is a strong entry for art martial buffs . Actors made their owns stunts ; some of the players got injured and to had to be hospitalized during the shooting , some of them suffered mild concussions during filming, after being struck several times during fighting scenes . The only scenes that used CGI are when Jet Li falls down the laundry drop with CG flames surrounding him and in the hotel scene when Jet Li kicks the ball from the pool table . Amid the glamour and grandeur of the scenarios , including luxury hotel , is developed an intrigue about women exploitation and dealing with a Chinese agent who attempts to restore his name . Colorful and luxurious cinematography by Thierry Arbogast . Adequate musical score fitting to action by Craig Armstrong . This moving film was lavishly co-produced and written by the great producer/director Luc Besson and well realized by Chris Nahon . Director Chris Nahon had to slow down the fight scene between Jet Li and Cyril Raffaelli because they were moving too fast for the camera. Filmmaker Nahon establishes his signature style of kinetically-paced story-telling through sumptuous imagery , leading to international critical acclaim . Chris Nahon was born in France , he is a good director and writer, known for Empire of the wolves (2005) , Blood: the last vampire (2009) and Kiss of the dragon (2001) . Rating : Better than average art martial movie . Worthwhile watching . 5d7c833ced

Melissa is a fetish model who realizes that she had taken the wrong path. Modeling was to pay for college, but it became her career. She tries to convince a director to forsake exploitation films in favor of returning to his artistic roots.

DirtyCred is a kernel exploitation concept that swaps unprivileged kernel credentials with privileged ones to escalate privilege. Instead of overwriting any critical data fields on the kernel heap, DirtyCred abuses the heap memory reuse mechanism to get privileged. It overwrites any files with read permission affecting kernel version 5.8 or higher.

An exploitation film is a film that tries to succeed financially by exploiting current trends, niche genres, or lurid content. Exploitation films are generally low-quality "B movies",[1] though some set trends, attract critical attention, become historically important, and even gain a cult following.[2] 041b061a72


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