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Vatsyayana Kamasutra 2 Movie In Hindi 720p Torrent [HOT]

vatsyayana kamasutra is divided into four chapters: the art of intercourse, of women, of men and of oral pleasures and the conclusion. in the first chapter vatsyayana gives the description of the sexual characteristics of the penis, the vagina, the anus, and the genital organs of the male and the female sex and discusses their physical and psychological qualities. he also describes the art of making love and sexual positions, and gives instructions for realization of the most important sexual positions. sexual positions in the kamasutra differ widely. besides positions in the kamasutra, there are also the positions, which can be used both by men and women.

Vatsyayana Kamasutra 2 Movie In Hindi 720p Torrent

chapter three is dedicated to the pleasure of women. it has the following sections: the way of arousing and keeping women aroused, the way of arousing and keeping women excited, the way of exciting, and sexually satisfying women. this chapter is filled with methods of sexual pleasure, which are used by men to increase womens sexual pleasure. in the fourth and final chapter vatsyayana kamasutra describes the pleasure of the man in his female partner. it has the following sections: the way to arouse women, the way to keep women aroused, the way to keep women excited, the way to stimulate and satisfy women.

the kamasutra consists of aphorisms, which form the base of whole book and it is more than 500,000 words long. vatsyayana makes a distinction between general aphorisms and aphorisms for particular cases. aphorisms for particular cases (as an example, aphorism for inamastu) are similar to other rules (as aphorisms for prostration and aphorisms for the dakshinastu). aphorisms for particular cases often provide very accurate description of the particular type of sexual activity. aphorisms for particular cases are the main part of kamasutra.


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