Resources about RDI and Autism

If you’re looking to stay informed about all the latest news on RDI and Autism, then you’ve come to the right place. Browse through the resources below, and get in touch with any questions or requests you may have.

Children Jumping on Trampoline

What is Autism?


Want to learn more about Autism? We have everything you need to know here. 

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Happy Family at Home

What is RDI?


RDI is a relationship-based intervention that aims to develop a healthy and meaningful relationship in families with Autism.

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Why Choose RDI?


RDI is different because we focus on building relationships instead of teaching static skills.. We will guide you become the parent you always wanted to be.

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Family Walking Around the Neighborhood

How Parents Guide Autism?


Establishing a positive and meaningful connection with your child can be made possible with RDI as we guide you how to build trust and create a healthy bond in your family. 

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Family Preparing Dinner

How to Communicate Better?

Having an effective and meaningful communication with your child can be difficult. But don't worry, with RDI, we will show you how to be a good communicator.

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Kids Making Breakfast

How to Develop Growth Mindset in Autism?


Do you feel like your child is too dependent on your instructions? And that he will only do what you ask of him? Do you wish for him to be more independent and dynamic? With RDI, he can. 

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